The Most Important Sponsorship Metric You Have Never Seen

78% of brands reported increased pressure to provide concrete bottom-of-funnel metrics and ROI oriented reports. And yet, for years, brands and esports rights holders have relied on top-of-funnel metrics like reach, impressions, and brand awareness to hypothesize about what kind of an impact sponsorships may have created for offline spend. The technologyto discern ROI from sports sponsorships hasn’t been available–until now.

“The Most Important Sponsorship Metric You Have Never Seen,” shows how to purchase attribution technology helps brands see how sponsorships are impacting their bottom line.

We’ll show you how to purchase attribution

  1. Justifies sponsorship investment
  2. Is revolutionizing sports sponsorship with sales-impact metrics
  3. Defines sponsorship effectiveness in four important ways
  4. Helps rights holders assess the value of their fan base
  5. Provides the right metrics for each brand depending on their key objectives

“Using real purchase data will decrease the perceived risk in sports sponsorship investments and open up additional interest from CMOs who, for years, have been asking for this type of proof as a requirement to buy” – Ian K. Partilla, Executive Vice President at Alem International