Xfinity – Gaming Brand of the Year

  • Winning Company: Xfinity – Gaming Brand of the Year
  • Category name: Brand of the Year

Entry video: https://vimeo.com/manage/videos/961376586

If any, what impact has winning a Tempest Award had on you/your business?

Winning the 2023 Tempest Brand of the Year Award was an honor that we were proud to share with our client and promote on our own social channels. Tempest provided validation for the amazing work our StoryMakers created, both with and for Xfinity.

Since you last won a Tempest Award, what are some of your/your teams/your company’s achievements?

Our client portfolio with Tempest Brand of the Year winner, Xfinity, has expanded! As just one example: we were proud to be a part of Xfinity’s Black Experience that took place earlier this year. Cultural fluency is at the heart of our mission to deliver purposeful partnerships for brands, and back in January in Los Angeles, we worked with Xfinity to bring their Black Experience Channel mission and content to life through a screening and celebration of “In Our DNA: Hip House.” The original three-part docuseries examines the birth, evolution, and collision of Hip Hop and House Music, and the event brought out some of the biggest names in music to a red-carpet premiere event that included a panel discussion about the genre featuring Executive Producer Kevin Liles and Director Whitney Clinkscales. As part of Grammys Week, the Universal Hip Hop Museum hosted our event at its special traveling exhibition space, giving this moment an even more authentic vibe.

Tell us about an upcoming project you’re excited about (if you’re allowed!):

At GMR Marketing, we’re always looking forward to the next big sporting event. Right now, we’re eager for the Olympic Games happening in Paris this summer and the unforgettable memories that will be made. The countdown is on!

Have you had any new opportunities come forth as a result of winning a Tempest Award?