Below are some of the initiatives The Esports Business & Gaming Summit is committed to in order to play our part in addressing climate change. We feel that this approach aligns well with our core values, and we will continue to update, add, and sharpen these plans as options emerge. Please stay tuned and come back often to this page for more information.


  We pledge to: 

  • Recycle all name badges
  • No event bags or single use pens/pads of paper
  • Encourage digital note taking
  • Prioritize proper ordering to limit food waste
  • Utilize the mobile app and digital signage to limit waste from unnecessary signs
  • Implement an event operations team task force to better understand the ways we can improve & create sustainable events



  • Committed to 505 emissions reduction by 2030 – in line with Paris Agreement
  • Committed to collaborate on the construction of industry-wide roadmap toward net zero emissions by 2050
  • Zero Waste targeting four major areas of impact – Resources, Energy, Air & People
  • Collaborate with clients on their own initiatives
  • Print single-use rigid graphics on recyclable substrats
  • Modern, reusable rental booth structures that are 100% recyclable
  • Reduce landfill impact by offering rental furniture and local donation programs for non-rental items
  • Energy-efficient electronic equipment when available, power-down policy – all AV equipment is turned off overnight when possible
  • 97% EPA SmartWay Certified over-the-road shipping and enforce an engine idling policy at all locations


  • FXAV is investing in going full-digital
  • Pop banners, reader boards, foamcore banners and more are now digitized

American Tradeshow

  • ATS offers products and services that contribute to its green initiative
  • Badge printing is done on demand and on a thin vinyl/poly material to reduce waste
  • They can be attached directly to lanyards, eliminating the need for additional materials