Key Themes


Thriving as an Esports Brand in 2024:

Navigating a difficult economic climate requires innovation and pursuing new revenue options. But creating those takes time and, of course, money. Through case studies with top brands, marketers, and industry professionals who have fought the diversification wars themselves, we’ll talk you through not only how to branch out, but also how to build a model that allows your organization to grow despite economic uncertainty.


Activating Gen Z for brands:

Reaching this young audience is central to brands, but this demo is not watching traditional TV/video programming. They are, however, playing video games and watching esports, even counting themselves as esports players. This year, we’ll tackle how to authentically integrate your brand or organization with this coveted demographic and convince them to invest in what you’re creating, whether you’re a brand or esports org.


Connecting entertainment and gaming:

The Last of Us is just the most recent example: Gaming and pop culture are increasingly intertwined, and it’s vital to find ways to capitalize on the intersection of these industries. You will hear from streaming services, game publishers, creator economy experts, and others who will illustrate best practices in linking your business to rising trends.


Building brand relationships: 

This year, EBS is creating programming to actively help you network outside of endemic industries and make crucial connections that can open new avenues for your programs. With networking sessions, event activations, interactive case studies and more, you’ll establish connections to potential new partners – and, if you’re a brand seeking new opportunities, learn more about the business of esports.