• Fireside Chat: The Path Forward after the “Esports Winter”
    • How does the esports industry move on from a year marked by cost-cutting, shrinking investment, and grim forecasts? Industry leaders will review 2023’s biggest challenges as well as the tangible opportunities for the competitive gaming industry in 2024.
  • Fireside Chat: The Collision of Entertainment, Streaming and Gaming
    • From The Last of Us to the Mario Movie, Arcane and more, traditional entertainment is merging with gaming in more authentic and successful ways than ever before. Experts on the front lines of bringing gaming-native experiences to the big screen and streaming services will discuss how endemic stakeholders can take best advantage of Hollywood’s reinvigorated taste for mixing with games media. And legacy entertainment industry pros will share the kiunds of content they’re looking for and how deals are being structured.
  • Fireside Chat: Unreal Editor for Fortnite, Roblox, and the New Frontier for Content Creators
    • The biggest business in the metaverse doesn’t require building a game engine from the ground-up; instead, it’s focused on using third-party tools to create authentic experiences for brands like the NFL, Gap, Walmart and others. Roblox and Fortnite Creative offer remarkable freedom for developers, who can then leverage their content for advertisers and brand partners. We’ll bring in creators, publishers and brands who have activated on these platforms to discuss why and how the business of the metaverse is focusing now on meeting gamers where they are, and where the best opportunities lie.
  • Using Esports and Gaming to Reach Gen Z
    • Capturing the attention of Gen Z has been an industry priority for years. The next step is monetizing that demographic. Insiders will discuss where they’ve found success in getting a generation so used to free content to invest in their brands.
  • Publisher Panel: Trends in Gaming and Esports
    • Marquee game publishers and developers will come together to discuss what they expect from 2024, trends in the relationship between publishers and esports, and what they predict will define the next three years for both gaming and esports.
  • Next Steps in Building Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Gaming
  • Live Focus Group: What Should Esports and Gaming Look Like in 2024 – From the People Who Matter
  • Wait, What Happened? EBS Wrap-Up
  • Esports 101
    Hundreds of games. Dozens of leagues. Thousands of teams, brands and supporting businesses. This panel will break down what “esports” means, its influence on mainstream culture, and the basics for people hoping to understand the industry and get the most out of EBS.
  • Dos and Don’ts of Building An Esports Program
    The past year has taught us plenty about what works, and what doesn’t, for the esports audience and as a competitive gaming business. Regardless of your company’s focus, there are some hard-and-fast truths that are distinct to running a successful esports or gaming company. We’ll break down what those are and how to create a proper foundation for your organization, whether it’s a long-standing business or a fresh startup.
  • More than the Mario Movie: Take Advantage of the Intersection of Entertainment and Gaming
  • Amateur Ecosystems: Exploring Grassroots Esports and Gaming
    While marquee events with millions in viewers and prize pools get most of the headlines, esports was built on, and thrives because of, the efforts of grassroots organizations and pipelines to that higher-level play. Organizers of these hyper-endemic leagues and associations will explain what they do, why it matters to both players and brands, and how amateur esports help build a more healthy ecosystem.
  • Where Esports Live: Platforms and Opportunities beyond PC Play: mobile. Web3, and More
  • More than Merch: The New Methods for Esports Orgs and Content Creators to Monetize
  • Esports and Education: Creating Pipelines and Providing Career Pathways
  • Building an Esports Startup in a Bear Market
  • Emerging Opportunities in Esports Investment and Activation
    Need to build your business? Then look no further. This expert panel will break down trends in the industry as we prep to enter 2024, opportunities for refocusing your company, and untapped industries and brands that are ripe for pitching.
  • Building Returns on Investment in Mobile Esports
    Mobile remains one of the most rapidly growing industries in both gaming and esports, but North American and Western European organizations have struggled to wrap their heads around the opportunity in handheld competitive gaming. This session will explore the value proposition of mobile esports, how mobile competition has fared in 2023 and how to posiiton your company within the mobile game market in the next few years.
  • Measuring Success: The Tools that Matter to Understand Esports Brand Value
    Proving return on investment is more important than ever, as is understanding the tools available to underpin it. With multiple branches of business and shifting preferences, however, producing evidence of your organization’s value can be tough. That’s why you’ll want to hear from experts in programming optimization and brand valuation who’ll show you how to realistically build the case for your business and illusrate ROI to brand partners.
  • How to Create IP with Existing Assets to Expand Beyond Esports and Streaming
  • Using Social Platforms as Disruption Tools in Esports & Gaming
  • Leveraging the Metaverse and Web3 in Esports and Gaming
  • These Kids Know More than You: How to Build Authenticity and Authority among Gamers
A series of brand camp sessions will be announced in July – stay tuned!