Riot Games at the 3rd Annual Esports Upfront

Matthew Archambault
Head of Business Development
Riot Games’ North American Esports

You’ve likely heard of League of Legends (LoL), the most played PC game in the world—but how did LoL evolve from a video game into the fastest-growing sport, and the most watched esport in the world? We’re excited to share this presentation delivered at the Esports Upfront by Matthew Archambault, Head of Business Development for Riot Games’ North American Esports. 

Here you’ll find a deep dive into the size and scale of LoL esports, in North America and globally, and the growth of LoL esports into a cultural phenomenon, driven by a loyal and passionate fan community. You’ll also see the growing opportunities for brands and sponsors in LoL esports, and teasers of the latest titles in Riot’s esports ecosystem.

For more information, reach out to:

Matthew Archambault, [email protected] | 312.513.3362
Jeanne Vetter, [email protected] | 310.382.4945