This Week in Esports/Gaming w/ Mark Cai Jan. 3-9, 2022

This Week in Esports

Hackers, Pay Up

This Week in Esports/Gaming
1.3-1.9, 2022

Top Three
– G2 Esports expanded to music
– Team Vitality x Tezos, raised €50m talent investment
– PUBG Mobile hackers forced to pay $10M to Tencent and Krafton

– Panda x Adorama
– CTRL x Ahman Green

Finance + M&A
– Zupee raised a $102M Series B
– Nexon invested $400M into AGBO
– Tencent raised $3B from selling Sea Group shares

– Dominic Kallas (VP, Esports) → TSM
– Michael Schwartz (Head, Esports) → OG Esports
– Tom Hearne (CEO) → Tiidal Gaming
– Anand Rajwanshi (CCO) → Penta Esports
– Javier Miranda (Esports Coordinator) → WarnerMedia
– Caglar Eger (CEO) → Exmox
– Chris Hana (VP, BD) → Epics Collectibles
– James Woollard (Head, Commercial Solutions) → BLAST

New Stuff
– China’s licensing freeze shut down 14,000 game studios
– Samsung revealed smart TV gaming hub

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