This Week in Esports w/ Mark Cai – Sept. 24-Oct. 3

This Week in Esports

Twitch throwing down new features
This Week in Esports/Gaming
9.27-10.3, 2021

Top Three
– Twitch x Warner Music Group, adds Boost + phone verification features
– New World launched to nearly 1M Twitch viewers
– StreamElements acquired Paragon

– Sandbox x Snoop Dogg
– FaZe Clan x Kaysan
– ENCE x Coinmotion
– Kansas City Pioneers x Jack Stack Barbecue
– Valve x SteelSeries
– Esports Awards x Expedia
– ESL Gaming x Shadow Esports
– Astralis x Capgemini
– Tribe Gaming x MOVE Network
– The Chiefs Esports Club x Energizer

Finance + M&A
– Netflix acquired Night School Studio
– 1939 Games raised $5.3M
– Kepler Interactive raised $120M
– Sony acquired Bluepoint Games

– Tim Reichert (Esports Director) → EXCEL Esports
– Shawn Pellerin promoted to CEO of Spacestation Gaming
– Laura Miele promoted to COO of Electronic Arts
– Immortals Gaming Club restructure + promote leadership team
– Wesley Acuff promoted to Director of Esports at Hawks Talong Gaming
– Stefan Adamczyk (VP, Global Partnerships) → Admix
– Romeo Misao (Head of Marketing, India + South Asia) → Galaxy Racer

New Stuff
– NBA 2K League expanded into Mexico

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