Chengdu Hunters Set to Prowl Overwatch League

HUYA Inc., the livestreaming platform in China, revealed team details for its upcoming Overwatch League franchise. The squad will be known as the Chengdu Hunters, with its logo featuring a giant panda, the symbol of the Chengdu region in the country.

 “The Overwatch League is an international league, and the Chengdu Hunters will not only impress the gaming world with their excellent performance but also will bring to the league more Chinese elements, increasing our diversity,” said Wu Zefeng, General Manager of Game Broadcasting Business, HUYA Inc. “The name, Chengdu Hunters, means bravery, smartness, swiftness, and team work; the name was chosen as a symbol of the team’s dedication to pursuing the honor of the league. Further, we chose the giant panda as the team’s logo because it is the national treasure of China, the symbol of Chengdu, and a symbol of peace and good luck. At the same time, the panda also boasts powerful fighting strength and represents the Chinese spirit of perseverance, and collectively with the team’s name, represents the team’s determination to achieve victory.”

Huya is joining forces with Chinese esports club Royal Never Give Up as a consultant on operating the team and the color of the logo contains the main colors of Huya and RNG, representing the joint forces of the two companies.