Complexity Opens Doors to New HQ

Complexity Gaming officially opened the doors to its new headquarters, titled the GameStop Performance Center and forwarding its vision for the “Esports 3.0” era, “where esports athletes are treated like professional sports athletes.”

“We see the opening of our new headquarters as a critical step toward the professionalization of the esports industry overall and our vision for Esports 3.0,” said Jason Lake, Founder and CEO, Complexity Gaming. “Given our organization’s deep history, we are excited to continue this journey with an unprecedented facility that will drastically improve the lives of our players and provide a permanent home at The Star in Frisco for our fans old and new.”

At The Star in Frisco, Complexity’s 11,000-square-foot headquarters sits near the Dallas Cowboys World Headquarters, allowing for seamless coordination between the two organizations and “establishing Complexity as one of the first esports organizations to fully integrate and connect with a traditional sports franchise,” according to the team.

“The opening of Complexity Gaming’s headquarters at The Star provides fans of all ages an opportunity to engage with our franchises in a unique, hands-on way,” said Jerry Jones, Owner, President and General Manager, Dallas Cowboys. “The GameStop Performance Center will bring a new excitement to the world of esports and adds yet another unique experience to The Star that fans and visitors will be able to see up close and in person on our campus.”

The GameStop Performance Center houses a public area and retail space for visitors as well as cutting-edge performance facilities for team members, including recovery, wellness and mental health amenities in addition to featuring:

Advanced Training Rooms: The unprecedented training rooms have the ability to mimic main stage competition settings, such as custom LED lighting, advanced sound engineering, and precision climate control.

Mind Gym: In partnership with Mamba Sports Academy and HyperX, the Mind Gym will feature proprietary training software, high-end equipment for performance training, as well as rubber flooring for low impact activities, such as yoga, to promote player cognitive preparation and mental wellness. 

Decompression Porch: Players can recover from high-intensity training in a designated area that is outfitted with recovery equipment, cryotherapy, nap pods, flowing natural light, and calming music designed for mental relaxation.

Innovation Lab: Complexity will utilize this space to research, develop and test products in real time to enhance the industry standard for esports wellness and to boost player performance and longevity, as well as protect against injury.

Miller Lite Player Lounge: A dedicated space for players to relax with one another, coaches, and the management team, the Miller Lite Player Lounge will also feature a video wall, where Complexity can watch and support other esports teams during competitions. Miller Lite beer will be available on tap for of-age players to celebrate big wins.

Stream Studio: Complexity’s players and talent will be able to create high-quality content in real time. Additionally, Complexity’s content team will be able to use the space’s versatility for filming original content.

The public space will feature a 50-foot LED ribbon as well as a Planar-provided 18-foot video wall that streams a variety of esports content from live tournament coverage to Complexity’s original series. Tablets will be available to casual gamers interested in playing the hottest mobile game titles while high-powered gaming stations allow esports enthusiasts to go head-to-head in the latest PC games.

 “We believe GameStop is the cultural center for gaming across every local neighborhood, and the GameStop Performance Center will become the epicenter for esports training where amateurs can gain access to insights and strategy from some of the best professionals in esports,” said Frank Hamlin, Chief Marketing Officer, GameStop. “It doesn’t get any better for amateurs of all ages looking to learn and compete at the highest level with this state-of-the art training facility.”