Goldenboy, LeTigress Tapped to Open ESPN’s CEC: Countdown

Tonight sees ESPN debut CEC: Countdown, a new weekly program at 9p that will open the doors to the first-ever ESPN Collegiate Esports Championship. The program will run via ESPN Esports’ Twitch, YouTube and Twitter platforms as well as ESPN3 and rotate hosts weekly.

Week One will be hosted by esports commentators Goldenboy and LeTigress and include top stories from around the collegiate esports scene and highlights from the past week. Additionally, this week will feature several segments to get viewers excited for the main event in May, including:

This Is Esports: A look at the global growth of the esports industry as a whole. Esports is beginning to find its place in the pantheon of the professional sports industry and competitive gaming is starting to reach heights never seen before in the United States. As younger generations grow up, it could be even bigger than ever imagined.

The Rise of Collegiate Esports: The rise of esports has made an impact on the younger generations, which is leading colleges to help create and support sustainable esports efforts within their schools. Between the rise in scholarships, funding, donations and school backing, many college students are able to compete in esports at the collegiate level.

Intro to the CEC: Colleges from all around the country will compete in various titles such as Overwatch, Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, Hearthstone, StarCraft II and Heroes of the Storm, for a chance to become the champion of each of their respective games across the collegiate ranks.