H1Z1 Pro League Gets Sniped

It is the end of the line for the H1Z1 Pro League, expected news but confirmed over the weekend by ESPN.

The decision comes after the league’s April launch, with 15 teams signed on to compete, with each supposed to receive $400,000 per split, although the league – led by General Manager Everett Coleman and originally part of a partnership between Daybreak Games and Twin Galaxies – never resumed about the first split.

“It’s with a heavy heart that a letter has been sent to the League’s team organizations providing notice that the second split has been suspended indefinitely, and that a second league season will not be renewed or scheduled at this time,” said Twin Galaxies co-chairman Jace Hall in a message to players and teams, according to ESPN. “As a result, teams have been immediately released from their League specific obligations.”

Hall reportedly noted that the league will try to make the remaining payments to the teams.