NACE Enrolls Hi-Rez Championships

The National Association of College Esports and publisher Hi-Rez Studios detailed plans to host college national championships for both Smite and Paladins beginning this fall.Play will begin in September for both titles, open to both varsity and club-level university teams.

Both national championships will take place on Nov. 17 at Dreamhack Atlanta 2018 and will be broadcast to live-streaming platforms. Each national championship will have $50,000 in scholarship prizes to be awarded to championship winners.

“We are always eager to support competitive communities where there is player appetite,” said Todd Harris, Hi-Rez Studios COO.  “We have been working closely with NACE on varsity esports since May and they are doing an amazing job putting structure and regulation around college esports competition. We are thrilled to further extend our partnership with this official NACE championship for both Smite and Paladins”