Biz Summit

Simmons, Trink, and Temperrr keynote the 3rd Annual Esports Business Summit

Must. Not. Miss! We are thrilled to be hosting Lee Trink, Ben Simmons, and Temperrr at the 3rd Annual Esports Business Summit.

Sitting at the epicenter of content evolution of gaming + esports is FaZe Clan. FaZe Clan has boldly transformed esports and gaming from a fringe pastime to a prospering business with multiple revenue streams. For this FaZe Clan spotlight session, we are pleased to have FaZe Clan CEO, Lee Trink, investor and member FaZe Simmo (professional NBA Ben Simmons), and world-famous content creator FaZe Temperrr join us. We are excited to break down what sets FaZe Clan apart with topics ranging from the authenticity of FaZe, how they have redefined the stereotype of what it means to be a gamer, defining the voice of youth culture, recruiting talent within the esports + gaming industry and their successful, record breaking pivot to the livestream business. To complete program and register: