TwitchCon Unveils New Speaker Series

Just ahead of TwitchCon 2018, Twitch unveiled a new speaker series for the annual festivities, designed to “inspire and entertain the Twitch community with talks from Tony Hawk, Kevin Smith, and Felicia Day.”


The discussions will cover a range of topics from establishing your personal brand to building and maintaining a strong community. In addition to the Twitch Talks series, the company announced a conversation between Tyler “Ninja” Blevins and Twitch Co-founder & CEO Emmett Shear.


Twitch Talk: Tony Hawk

Title: Building and Sustaining Your Own Personal Brand with Tony Hawk

Date: Friday October 26 @ 1PM

Description: Tony Hawk, pro skateboarder and one of the most famous action sports athlete in the world, shares his insights and struggles with the rise to fame.  Tony will discuss how he forged a career and built his own personal brand in a relatively young and evolving industry, and how streamers can develop their own brand & persona, along with ways to expand their brand in ways that are meaningful, lasting, and profitable.


Twitch: Past, Present, Future with Emmett & Ninja

Date:  Friday October 26 @ 2:30PM

Description: Both are long-term veterans to streaming, and having seen the growth of Twitch since it’s beginning, djWheat sits down with Emmett Shear, CEO of Twitch, and Ninja, a now-global gaming superstar, to talk the evolution of Twitch, celebrate today’s successes, and contemplate what the future of streaming could hold.


Twitch Talk: Kevin Smith

Title: A Fireside Chat with Kevin Smith

Date:  Saturday October 27 @ 1PM

Description: It’s not just Kevin Smith – it’s Kevin Smith up-close and personal – with Zeke (aka Ezekiel_III), as they sit down for a long, humorous Q&A session about Kevin’s work and what Twitch streamers can learn from his experience as a writer, filmmaker, and podcaster.


Twitch Talk: Felicia Day

Title: Building Your Creator Identity and Community with Felicia Day

Date:  Sunday October 28 @ 12:30PM

Description: One of the pioneers of online video content creation, Felicia Day has been able to expand her career into television, film and other creative projects, such as producing the breakout online shows The Guild, Tabletop and Critical Role, and many recurring live shows on Twitch. Join Felicia as she gives an insightful and entertaining talk about defining yourself as a creator, sticking to your brand, the importance of self-care as you grow, and the role Twitch can play in building a healthy community online.