Hearthstone Global Games on Deck

Blizzard is dealing up another round of The Hearthstone Global Games, with teams competing and representing as a nation.

The tournament will stream on the official Hearthstone Twitch channel every week with the company lining up casters Simon “Sottle” Welch, Alex “Raven” Baugley, Neil “Lorinda” Bond, Dan Falcone, Dan Gaskin, and Darroch Brown to call the action.

Overall, 48 teams will compete in this year’s edition with each team sporting four players with play beginning July 17. This year’s format will now see all countries competing in one Swiss bracket, playing six rounds and going against teams with the same record after a first set of random pairings. The top sixteen will then advance to a double elimination group bracket.

The top eight will eventually travel to BlizzCon in November for a final single elimination battle.