More Bans for Cheating Programs

Twelve more competitive PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds players have been issued bans for using third-party cheating programs in matches. Six players were issued three-year bans from competitive PUBG for using third-party programs in professional and public matches, while four were issued two-year bans for using the programs in public matches only. Two players were handed three-year bans for being aware of their teammates using cheating programs in professional matches. Three teams in the PUBG European League are affected by these suspensions. Pittsburg Knights and Red Diamonds must both replace their suspended players to keep their PEL spots. The third team, Sans domicile fixe, has been disqualified from the European Contends League. An EU West seed will be opened up to replace the team. Four PUBG players from the National PUBG League were issued suspensions for cheat programs last week.