Richard Sherman Joins Luminosity Investor Roster

NFL Pro Bowler and Super Bowl champion Richard Sherman is now the latest member of the athletic community to buy in to the esports industry, agreeing to a deal with Enthusiast Gaming Holdings Inc. to serve as a global ambassador and shareholder for the Company’s esports brand, Luminosity Gaming.

“Luminosity is one of the most successful esports brands in the world, and I’m excited to be a part of it! As a brand ambassador and team captain of Luminosity, I plan to bring my competitive spirit and love of the game to the esports organization,” said Sherman. “I am especially eager to challenge some of my NFL rivals and teammates to join me for online matches, streamed on the Luminosity network for all our fans to view and enjoy.”

Sherman will help support Enthusiast’s growth and success while partnering with the Luminosity brand in addition to attending Luminosity and Enthusiast Gaming live activations throughout the year, while challenging other NFL players to team play with the company’s Call of Duty team, which is based in Seattle. Sherman’s “player challenge” games will be streamed publicly across the Luminosity network. He will also contribute to building out the Company’s professional player roster, as Captain of Luminosity’s esports organization. 

“We are excited to announce this strategic relationship and welcome Richard into the Enthusiast family!” said Steve Maida, President of Luminosity Gaming, Esports Division of Enthusiast Gaming. “As a globally recognized athlete, and an avid gamer who was featured on the cover of Madden NFL 15, Richard is a perfect fit for us. With over 50 gaming influencers and esports professional athletes, we are looking forward to adding a Super Bowl champion to our roster.”