Five Questions with Player2’s Alyssa Sweetman

Alyssa Sweetman

Alyssa Sweetman
Director, Strategy & Founder
Player 2 & Influencing Good

What are three attributes that got you where you are now?

1. Curiosity & Sense of Adventure — You never know where you might end up if you open yourself up to possibilities. I was a second grade teacher in 2016 and my enthusiasm for trying new things and curiosity of everything positioned me well for a swift career change.

2. Kindness & empathy — At the end of the day, we are all trying to find success within the existing systems. Sometimes those systems put pressure on us and without kindness or empathy it is really easy to take everything personally, besides you have no idea where you might run into each other again.

3. Courage — I went back and forth on what to call this trait but over my career I have often see incredibly smart people fear conflict for the repercussions that could arise. While in some cases, I believe it wasn’t smart to stand up for what I believed was right on the whole I wouldn’t change this aspect about myself. It isn’t to say I do not fear speaking up or providing critical feedback it’s that I hold fast to the belief that honesty truly is the best option.

What advice would you give to someone who is looking to enter the market?

Don’t focus on the job title or company as much as what activities you enjoy doing. Recently, I was asked “when am I happy at work” and the answer is often. I am excited all of the time about something I’m working on — focus on finding people, relationships, and opportunities where you find joy and excitement.

Pre-workday, what is your morning ritual?

Admittedly, I have many times over attempted to establish a ritual and it has never taken hold. I focus on what I need most in the morning sometimes it’s hitting the snooze button, stronger coffee, a walk around the block but I’ve found focusing on my immediate need in the morning sets my day up for success.

What about your job keeps you up at night?

The viability of the industry and the impact it has on people. The reality is that around the world the cost of living is rising and the games industry esports or otherwise is a passion based industry. While many people are willing to take a lower pay to work in esports or games industry the struggle with viability makes it hard for people to stay in the industry. Not to mention the psychological damage of being in a constant state of worry working in this industry.

Where is there still uncharted territory in the esports space?

Improving the watch experience online and in-person but especially in-person. We’ve got AR technology that could vastly improve the in-person experience. I can’t take credit for this idea though, Jordanne Laurito on my team feels strongly about the in-person fan experience.