Five Questions with Underscore Talent’s Dan Weinstein

Dan Weinstein
Co-CEO and Co-founder
Underscore Talent


What are three attributes that got you where you are now?

1. Discipline 2. Creativity 3. Teamwork

What advice would you give to someone who is looking to enter the market?

Knowledge is vital to making it in any job. The entertainment industry, and the creator economy are challenging to navigate and in constant motion, so you always need to be prepared. Continue to study, explore and be curious, understand the players, read the trade and business publications, and stay on top of the trends. Passion for the business is essential because the hours are long, and the work can be difficult.

Pre-workday, what is your morning ritual?

Although I am not a morning person, getting my kids up, fed, and ready to go to school is my morning priority. After all that, I read the industry news to prepare for the day.

What about your job keeps you up at night?

The creator economy is more unpredictable than most, so the pressure of an ever-changing fast-moving business is great. The ebb and flow of the workload is often hard to predict. Often, we are at the whim of macroeconomic conditions that we can’t control, and that’s never fun.

In an industry brimming with information, what isn’t talked about enough?

Career failures are necessary for success. We need to learn from failures and many times your failures are a blessing in disguise. Believing in your talent and skills is necessary because failures can and will knock you out. Once you pick yourself up, evaluate the reason for the failure, adjust and use it as a tool for future growth.