Five Questions with the*gameHERs’ Rebecca Brock Dixon

Rebecca Brock Dixon
CEO & Co-founder

Rebecca Brock Dixon, the CEO and co-founder of women’s advocacy organization the*gameHERS, has been a staple in diversity, equity and inclusion conversations in the industry since founding the company in 2019. With a focus on community-building and connecting women in the space, the*gameHERS now has an international footprint, with initiatives across multiple levels of competition.

Brock Dixon took some time to talk about what the*gameHERS has built in the past year, the work it’s done to fulfill its goals in 2023 and how DE&I conversations in the industry have shifted.

For those unfamiliar, what is the mission of the*gameHERS?

The*gameHERs is the largest community of femme-identifying gamers in the world. Our global reach encompasses over 650,000 members. We’re focused on celebrating and amplifying the voices of women in gaming and esports. Our mission is to create a safe, inclusive, and diverse environment where women can connect, network, and share their experiences. The*gameHERs is a space that promotes unity, empowerment, and respect for all women gamers.

How has your business changed in the past year?

Our community has grown over 110% year-over-year thanks to streamlining of our operations and go-to-market strategies along with some key hires. Our share of voice also grew more than 60% in our current markets, and our reach in Europe was also a highlight with 146% year-over-year growth.

What does Diversity, Equity and Inclusion mean to you? What does a gaming community that prioritizes that goal look like?

DE&I in the gaming community is about creating an environment where everyone, regardless of their gender, race, ethnicity, age, or other differences, is welcomed, respected, and has an equal opportunity to participate. For the*gameHERs, a gaming community that prioritizes DE&I is likely one where all women, including women of color, LGBTQ+ women, women with disabilities, and women from all age groups and walks of life, can freely express themselves, share their experiences, and enjoy gaming without fear of discrimination, exclusion, or harassment.

What challenges are you most often asked about by business professionals in these industries? What advice do you give to face those challenges?

Some of the challenges that business professionals might ask about in the gaming and esports industry could include dealing with toxic behavior, increasing diversity and inclusion, fostering community engagement, and maintaining business growth amidst fast-paced technological changes. The*gameHERs provides consulting for business professionals to focus on creating safe, respectful, and inclusive environments; actively seek and listen to community feedback; be adaptable and open to change; and continuously learn and innovate.

What’s up next for the*gameHERS? Any upcoming announcements or programs you’d like to share?

We’re preparing to launch several new initiatives, including a collegiate program and the*gameHERS GUARDIANS, a masterclass program for parents, educators, and guardians of teenage gamers. Our the*gameHERS awards show will be live for the first time in March 2024, which we’re very excited about, along with some upcoming work on the United Nations’ Stream It Forward program. We can’t wait to share more as well as some results of those initiatives at the Esports & Gaming Business Summit later this year.